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Web Registration – Bellotacon 7

Hello again everyone.

We are writing to inform you that this year to formalize the registration to attend the 7th Bellota Con it will be necessary to register in advance on the website.

Many of you already did it last year when you registered, so it would be necessary for you to remember the username and password with which you registered.

Those who did not register and purchased the ticket as guests must register. The website is not yet enabled to do so but in the coming days it will be possible and we will notify you at the time. In this way, each person will have their profile with all their updated data and it will be easier for the organization to control seniority. ⭐️

This week we will send an email to all those registered and unregistered with all the information and steps to follow to complete your registration so that it will be easier for you to register for this new edition of the Bellota Con 7 – 2024 Edition in order to expedite the procedure and respect the VETERANITY acquired these years ago.

We take this opportunity to remind potential interested parties to join this Telegram channel to stay informed.


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